Board votes to table Exhibit F for further study

The Board decided to table a vote on the misguided proposal to remove Exhibit F from Architectural Guidelines and Standards until further study. The move came after a lively Board meeting on Thursday (see video above), in which quite a few Four Seasons owners got up to make their views known about the exhibit. Not one of them was in favor of eliminating it.

Exhibit F is the only document Four Seasons of Beaumont uses for regulating the planting of slopes. Removing it, speakers at the meeting contended, would allow residents with slopes to plant shrubs and trees that would obstruct their neighbors’ view lots.

“If you were neighborly, you wouldn’t even come up with this,” said a former ARC chairperson. “It blows my mind!”

The fact that the proposal was tabled doesn’t mean we can relax. Now is the time to make sure your voice is heard, and to make it clear to the board that there is NO further study or action needed on Exhibit F. It has served as a very good guideline for Four Seasons residents for a decade, and there is no reason to modify it now.

Contact the board today and tell them you want to Save Exhibit F!

The address is:

Board of Directors
Four Seasons at Beaumont Community Association
1518 Four Seasons Circle
Beaumont, CA 92223

You can also call or email at (951) 769-6358 or

NOTE: The HOA management has issued a request that you not call because all complaints must be in writing, That tells us one thing…they’re getting the message. KEEP CALLING! Call. Write. Email. Use any means of communication to let them know that this issue is not going away. It’s too important.